No matter the state of your space, our goal is to help you
reclaim your place and your peace of mind.

Our Process



We understand that, in some circumstances, seeking help can be a challenge. For this reason, we consult with each prospective client before beginning any project, as this allows us an opportunity to learn more about one another. As always, anything we discuss with you is private and confidential. If you decide that we are the right fit for your unique needs, we will create a plan designed to help you achieve your specific goals.



We begin your project by addressing the areas you identify as priorities. Our aim is to ensure an immediate sense of relief by making progress in one room at a time. We do this by compassionately sorting items according to what will be kept, donated, sold, recycled, or discarded. We let each client determine the pace of our work, as this process can prompt an array of emotions.



Once we sort your belongings, we implement new systems to enable ongoing and future success. By reducing clutter and designing common-sense systems, we can tailor any space to complement your lifestyle and enhance your well-being. Additionally, our extensive knowledge of local resources and helpful products allow us to finalize your project by delivering the results you desire.



Once we complete your project, we provide you with strategies for maintaining your new space. Given the nature of our work, it is important that we follow-up with our clients periodically, as their progress and satisfaction are our highest priorities.

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