Read what our clients have shared about their experiences with Healthy Spaces...

We are so thankful to have found the team at Healthy Spaces for our delicate home organization project and feel honored to have worked with Rob Rickman. Throughout the project, Rob communicated and displayed genuine care and concern for our family and each individual’s needs. He was accommodating with our schedule, understanding of the family dynamic, able to understand each member of our family, and truly went above and beyond for us. Rob has utilized his experience, education, and intuition to master his profession. He communicates with a peaceful resolve and consistent dedication to organize, while gently bringing to light the underlying reasons behind physical clutter to achieve a brighter, easier future. Rob is a man of integrity, dedicated to his calling of helping others. Healthy Spaces has been a breath of fresh air, brought healing to our family and produced miracle results within a very short period of time. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and trustworthy team of people. Thank you, Healthy Spaces!
— Alani, Hendersonville

Rob Rickman took a very small, cluttered office that I use for art therapy with children and turned it into a virtual paradise. Five years of storing things under tables, behind chairs, and in every corner of my office were affecting my mood and did not present the professional, yet kid friendly office I desired. Rob was easy to communicate with and always available to discuss the project. His professional skills and calm, thoughtful demeanor made the project easy for my schedule. My office is so well organized now. Simple changes in color and furniture placement make it a pleasure for all who visit. I find that I never want to go home. Thank you, Rob!!!!
— Caroline, Belle Meade

I found Rob and his team to be a breath of fresh air. They came to my home and cleaned out closets and drawers in order to organize every piece of clothing I have. Everything is color coded... shirts, blouses, summer wear, winter wear... all easily found. They listened to my needs and proceeded accordingly. I would highly recommend their services.
— Becky, Nashville

We’d been in our new home for two years already, and I still had boxes to unpack. Nothing seemed to be coming together. I was working full-time, had medical issues that slowed me down, my daughter and grandchildren had moved in with us, and my other daughter would be moving back home as well. I needed professional assistance! I wanted my home to feel peaceful and inviting.

And then came Rob and his team… They changed my life within an hour of meeting them!

They came for a consultation to get to know more about me and my family and our needs. We talked our way through the house. Rob listened carefully to our concerns, what we needed and wanted, and what worked and didn’t work. During that consultation, I was given an infusion of hope. My home could once again be the sanctuary I wanted for my family.

Shortly thereafter, Rob’s email arrived with his plan for moving forward. Somehow, out of all the talking I’d done during the consultation, he heard what my family and I really needed, so I could picture exactly what he was suggesting. At all points along the way, he offered different options. I always felt like he was helping me achieve my goals, not taking over.

We scheduled our first day. It started with something simple, moving my living room furniture around, and it was amazing what a difference it made. Something loosened inside me, and I felt like I could breathe!

Rob and his team worked diligently the whole time, staging things so we could quickly make decisions about whether we would keep, sell, or donate.

Sometimes, I would get stuck, but Rob was always there to listen and support. I kept having those I-can-breathe moments, and I loved it!

Rob came two more days after that. After they helped my daughter with her part of the house, I realized what a difference they were making when my 3-year old grandson was playing quietly in his room and then put away his toys without prompting. A peaceful environment makes a difference. My home is not perfect, but it is decluttered, organized, and functional. It feels peaceful and welcoming to me and my family. I know the direction I want to move in.That’s all I wanted.

Hiring Rob was one of the best investments I have ever made.

There’s only one thing I would change. His business is called Healthy Spaces. I would change that to read Heal Thy Spaces.

Thank you, Rob!
— Diana, Smyrna

As a bachelor who works from home, I had grown accustomed to living in the disorganized chaos that had taken over my living space. It wasn’t a comfortable lifestyle, but I had been living that way for so long that I had lost perspective on how beneficial a clean, organized environment could be for my everyday life.

Living in a mess was good enough for me to get by so I hadn’t given it a second thought. It wasn’t until Rob came to work his magic at my house for a couple of days that I realized how much more enjoyable a clean home and work environment could be.

Hiring Rob to help organize your home is something I would recommend to anybody.

Beforehand, I anticipated that the process might be painful and embarrassing to endure. But it was the exact opposite. Rob was efficient, communicative, and respectful. He has a direct approach to his work that made the process move along at a tremendous speed. But at no point did I feel that he was being pushy or trying to get me to throw out something I wished to keep.

He was completely non-judgmental about my living space and the possessions that I value, which was extremely important to me.

I found Rob to be a true professional throughout the entire process. And, by the time he left, he had greatly improved my quality of life through the way he transformed my home. Thanks, Rob!
— Russell, West Nashville

Rob’s company did an excellent job renovating my home. All of the new colors on the walls are just beautiful and the thoughtful approach that he used in arranging the furniture brings me so much pleasure. Rob’s attitude during the renovation was wonderful. He was so very nice and helpful. I would recommend his services to anyone. They’re life changing!
— Judy, Franklin